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Welcome to 
Intuitive Jewelry Creations
by Dianne
Intuitive Jewelry Creations by Dianne

Dianne Ulrich 

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Intuitive Creations by Dianne

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Intuitive Readings by Dianne

Welcome to my site for my handmade jewelry and other small creations.  I started this business in 2010.  I have been selling my items at Craft Shows, Holistic Expos., Local Shops and have also created many custom orders.  I am an Artist, and was looking for a way to use my talent in a different way.  I grew up in Western New York and I am also a Spiritual Medium, living not too far from Lily Dale, the World's Largest Spiritual Center.   I am inspired to create spiritual and fantasy pieces with Crosses, Buddhas, Unicorns, Hamsas, and more!  I use Glass Beads, Lamp work (Custom painted) Glass Beads, Clear and Colored Crystals, Semi-precious Gem Stones, Acrylic Beads, Clay Beads, Wood Beads,  Leather, Magnets and more!  Contact me at my email: if you have any questions or would like a custom made order.  Also, you can view my website for Spiritual Readings and book one at:

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