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New Bracelet made with Silver/Pewter Beads with Different Designs and a Large Center Bead that shows a Lotus on Front and the word "Enlightenment" on the Reverse Side.  Also 8 mm Round Amethyst Stones, 18 gauge Silver Plated Crimped Wire, and a Silver Plated Small, but Strong, Magnetic Clasp.  Fits wrist sizes of 8-9 inches.  (!st Photo shows Lotus Heart Silver/Pewter Beads.  2nd shows Enlightenment and reverse design.)  Violet is the Color most associated with Archangel Zakiel. He is the Angel of Freedom, Mercy and Benevolence. Amethyst is a stone that is considered protective, healing and of spiritual wisdom.

Amethyst & Silver/Pewter Enlightenment Lotus Bracelet

SKU: B-CW-MC-0005
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